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Blade Sharpening and Repair - By Hand

Knife Sharpening in Winnipeg -- All knives and blades are sharpened by hand using water stones, fine abrasives, and leather.

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We Specialize in:

Kitchen Knife Sharpening

Straight Razor Sharpening

Hunting Knife Sharpening

Tactical Knife Sharpening

Carving Tools Sharpening

Plane Iron Sharpening

Hair Cutting Scissor Sharpening Pet Grooming Scissor Sharpening

Serrated Knife Sharpening

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Please note:  We are closed as of November 2019 until further notice

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Winnipeg’s premier hand sharpening service. A power grinder will never touch your knife or tool!

Blades are sharpened by hand using water stones, fine sheet abrasives, and leather to bring out the sharpest edge possible.

Each knife, tool, or shear is sharpened according to its intended use.

Bevels and angles are customized based on our expertise or as per your specifications.

The result is a blade optimized for its task; stronger and sharper than the factory edge.